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Sorry for lousy updates from my part, M is doing a fantastic job, but I felt the need to provide you with (in my opinion) quality tracks! Here they are –

Dustin Zahn – Stranger (To Stability) (Len Faki Podium Mix) Techno. A steady Techno song with a huge build – up to an amazing drop, almost rave like. Its got that bleepy, intense Techno sound so I think that you will either hate it or love it.

DJ Dome, Elvis Suarez, Puerto Rican – Brass Knuckles (Felix Baumgartner Remix) Tech House. Nice Tech House song with a bouncy bassline, that drops into a big break consisting of trumpets and synthezisers. Enjoy!

Cheers / T

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Hi guys!

Thought I’d give you a neat little remix of what I believe will be this summers most played track (in Sweden anyway)…

Cidinho & Doca – Rap Das Armas (MastikSoul Remix) Tech-house. Sneak this remix into your set and the crowd will tear down the club in a minute or two. Originally performed by MC Júnior & MC Leonardo and featured in the movie Tropa De Elite.

Enjoy! /M

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It’s bigger than…

Hi friend!

Small update here… If I got the time I will make another update later tonight.

Dead Prez – It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop (Diplo Remix) Electro. One word. Bassline.

Steve Aoki – Licky Work It Out (Herve Goes Low Remix) Electro. Towards the end of the track this raveish electric piano melody throws this one off the hook!

Give Me a Kiss – No More Patient Electro. This one is a gem. If you like Justice, this should be riiiight up your alley!

Suger Hill Gang – Rapper’s Delight (TEPR Remix) Electro/fidget/baltimore. A decent remix/remake of a classic song.

Eli Smith – Party All Knight (DJ Version) Electro. Peak time floorfiller. Listen to this one very loud for maximum pleasure! Do it!

Enjoy! /M

(Edit. All links are up and running.)

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Dubstep remedy


Hope you all enjoyed “M”s post! He is the newest writer/contributor to Afterbang, so look forward to many great posts from him. Just had to give you this, in my opinion, amazing remake of the already magnificent track “Calvin Harris – Im Not Alone”.

Calvin Harris – Im Not Alone (Herves See You At The Dub Parade Remix) Dubstep. Great Dubstep remake of Im Not Alone. Has a nice dubstep, reggae feeling to it with the characteristic trance melody shown off in a short part of the track. Enjoy!


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Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of…


Some of you might know who I am, some of you don’t… You will know me as “M” and I am the newest contribution to the Afterbang blog, the greatest blog in the world!

I’ve been DJing on and off for the last 7-8 years and music is my passion!

We will continue to give you the hottest tracks in electronic dance music as often as we can…

Enough about me… On with the show! As it where….

The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) House. I know this one is a bit old, but I’ve just recently discovered it and I think it is amazing.

Candice Alley – Falling (Fred Falke Vocal Mix) House. Remix duties by Fred Falke as well. Check it out.

Empire of the Sun – Walking on dream (Mobin Master Remix) House. The best remix of this track for sure. I’m really really weak for piano in house tracks!

Miike Snow – Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix) Electro house. The demonic producers Bloodshy & Avant (produced such songs as Toxic performed by you know who) are back with a solo project together with the american vocalist Andrew Wyatt. It will be really intersting to see what they can produce without a big record label breathing down their necks. Remix by the Swede “Punks Jump Up”

Pryda – Melo Progressive house/trance. Featured on the world known radio show A State of Trance (ASOT) hosted by the worlds number one DJ, Armin van Buuren. Uplifting melodic leads and dreamy strings creates a very summerish vibe, we like!

Pryda – Lift House. From the same EP as Melo. If you enjoyd Pjanoo from Pryda, you will certainly like this one. Massive tune! Won’t go unnoticed this summer! Mark my words.

Sebastien Leger – The People Electro. Remake of Marilyn Manson’s song with the same name. Cool track indeed!

Mischa Daniels & De Nuit – All That Mattered (Mischa’s Rock Tool Remix) Progressive house. Featured some time ago by T in the original version. This time Mischa has done some work on it, making it more progressive and really really good.

PS. We will be putting a dropbox for Sound Cloud up on the blog soon, where you can submit your own sets, mixes tracks or edits to us. And if we think it’s worth putting on the blog, we will! DS.


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Che Flute – (Sorry for lame updates)

Che Flute

I have been horrible at updating Afterbang the last week, sorry about that, had stuff to do and such. Anyways, here is Steve Angellos latest track “Che Flute”, a pretty nice track in my opinion. Enjoy

Steve Angello – Che Flute (Original Mix) House. Really nice, innovative, sounding house track with some balearic flutes and a big bassline. Go get!

Cheers / T

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Here is the track of the day –

Cyberpunkers – Check This Out (Original Club Mix) Indie Dance / Nu – Disco.  Good Indie /Dance track thats somewhat intense, but in a good way. It has some really dumb vocals however, hopefully you can disregard that.


You can preview the new Steve Angello & AN21  – Flonko track over at Electrostation, its there long awaited “Klezmer Techo” sound that they are trying out. I personally think its refreshing to hear a “new” sound from such a well known producer, shows he is willing to take his music in a new direction.

I am linking to Electrostation because I want everybody to visit this fantastic music blog, they are really on top of their stuff.

Have a great Friday!

Cheers / T

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Hi everybody, just want to say sorry for not updating in like a week, Ive had stuff to do. But enough talk, here are todays tracks –

Dj Punish – Meet Her At Baltimore (Original Mix) Baltimore/Fidget. A sample of “Meet her at the loveparade” which became a huge hit. The synth sample combined with a hard Baltimore bassline, really good! Thanks to Electrostation

Bomb The Bass – Black River (Gui Boratto Remix) Techno. Gui Boratto has done it again, he has made yet another amazing remix! This track has guitars, vocals and a soft bassline. Sounds like a Johhny Cash song slightly tweaked by Gui Boratto.

Supernova – Nine (Original Mix) Tech House. If you can only download one track, get this one! Fantastic tech house track with a Spanish guitar and some dark vocals to go with it. Just really, really good!

Spektre – Cheyenne (Uto Karem Remix) Techno. Nr 1 on Beatport at the moment, really good techno track that has a long build up to a “bouncy” break. Go get!


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Cant really write anything, its “Valborg” in Sweden and I am on my way out so here are todays tracks –

Armand Van Helden – Funk Phenomena (Original Mix) House. Pure classic! Give it a listen

Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song (Original Mix) House. Classisc House track from 1991, has a great spring feeling.

Rektchordz – Feed Your Head (Elite Force Mix) Breaks. Amazing track, one of James Zabielas favorites at the moment, give it a chance!

Cheers and Happy Valborg!

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Dusty Kid

Dusty Kid

Alright, the sun is out and the weather, well at least in Stockholm, is said to be great this coming week, so I will give you three tracks from one of my favorite electronica artists, Dusty Kid. Dusty Kid is a Dj/Producer from Cagliari, Italy. He makes, in my opinon, amazing tracks, never disappoints. So here are three that should be suitable for your spring enjoyment –

Dusty Kid – Klin (Extended Version) Techno. Really bleepy sort of techno, but in a more “calm” way. Has a great break and some really nice synthezier adds on the whole track.

Dusty Kid – Cowboy (Extended Version) Techno. One of the best electronia based songs Ive ever heard, it has a big melody with a really nice piano running through this ten minute track. Its more of a deep – house song if it should be put into a genre!

Dusty Kid – America (Extended Version) Techno. Really, really good track! Its like 18 minutes long, but still brilliant! It has guitars,  synths and a real “spring feel” through the entire song.

Cheers / T

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